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Development process

1.  Anaysis and requirement gathering

Requirements analysis in software development process is playing a key role for development process. We need to get all possibilities for conflicts in future and understand the solution for it. Also the client would need to know about this possibilities. We also can provide client proper time line and development plan accordingly.

2. Design a prototype

Prototype designing is the creation of design pattern for software development. prototype can provide you the basic idea that how software will look like after implementation. Client can change the design after viewing it. It will reduce the change in request process effectively and reduce the development time. Also Client would have the design as per they need.

3. Development

Development process induce the milestone management and provide the quality code. General for large projects we divide that in to milestones. After completing one milestone we move on to that another that will reduce the time for implementation and quality assurance. We are focusing on module wise development where team is divided as per the modules and different modules will implements simultaneously will reduce the development process effectively.

4. Software Testing

Our major focus is on software testing with different scenarios. we focusing on to test the product or project with different scenario before provide to the client. For that we are focusing on below listed testing approach

Standard/General Testing: Integration testing, System Testing, Acceptance Testing, Usability Testing, Sanity Testing, Functional Testing, Compatibility Testing, Accessibility Testing

Domain Based Testing: CMS Testing, CRM Testing, Game Testing, Mobile Testing, Health Care Testing, Publishing Testing

Specialized Testing: Enterprise Applications, Web Applications, Database Testing, Desktop Applications, Mac Testing

Automated Testing: Regression Testing, Ad-Hoc Testing, Data Driven, Model Driven, Load Testing, Stress Testing, Performance Testing.

5. Support and Maintenance

eInfoService provide the support for server deployment and bug fixing in live server. Out-sourcing support and maintenance to an off-shore provider reduces costs and allows the mainline team to focus on strategic direction.